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Indrani Mukherjee is Professor at the Centre of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Latin American Studies, JNU. She is a second generation Hispanist from India who wrote the first ever PhD on Latin American Literature from any Spanish Department in India. Her publications include Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies and Pedagogy of Literature. She is working on two research projects on Comparative Gender Studies from India and Latin America. She is in the Advisory Board of Postcolonial Interventions: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Postcolonial Studies. She is a life member of the European Network for Comparative Literary Studies as well as the Forum on Contemporary Theory, Baroda (India) which is in academic collaboration with the International Lincoln Center at the Louisiana State University, Shreveport, USA and University of North Texas at Denton, USA. Her last published book was Transcultural Negotiations of Gender: Studies in (Be)longing (Springer, 2016). Contact: