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Francisca González Arias completed doctoral studies at Harvard University with a dissertation on Emilia Pardo Bazán and her intertextual dialogues with the novelists Pérez Galdós, Gustave Flaubert, Émile Zola and the Goncourt brothers. Since then she has focused in particular on the study of women writers of Spain and Latin American, and the translation into English of works by the Spanish novelists Soledad Puértolas and Emilia Pardo Bazán, and the Mexican author Cristina Rivera Garza. She is currently preparing her contribution to the volume on Emilia Pardo Bazán for the MLA series Approaches to Teaching World Literature, and is finalizing her edition of a collection of essays by Soledad Puértolas, to be published by the University of Valladolid. She currently teaches Spanish language, literature and culture at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.