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Carles Candela holds a degree in Media Studies from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia-CEU San Pablo, and a Master`s degree in Interculturality and Communication from the Universitat de València. He teaches video and film production and techniques for video and cinema printing  at the Professional Center for for Film and Video Production. He is a director and editor of film and television. Among his works: the documentaries Des d’un lloc on mai no passa res (2008) and Cinematógrafo, magnetófono, buen chico y sádico (2012) and the series Els territoris de la ficció (2007). He has edited Faltas Leves (2006, Tirant Award for best edition in 2007); Cos mortal(2008); Mi camiseta, tus zapatillas, sus pantalones (2010) and El efecto K (2012); the series Histories del cinema (2006) and several short films, Salad Days (2006, Alcine Award FOR to best short film in 2007) and Praeludium (2011) among them.