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Candelas Gala is Charles E. Taylor Professor of Romance Languages Emerita at Wake Forest University NC, USA). Author of several books and essays on the works of Spanish poet Federico García Lorca, she has also published extensively on poetry written by women and on the analogical connections between 20th Spanish poetry, painting, and physics, on creative cognition, and on ecopoetics. She is a member of the editorial board of several professional journals, has served as editor and director of Cuadernos de ALDEEU, is a member of ILICIA, GIR (Grupos de Investigación Reconocidos dela USAL, and member of the Scientific Committee on Science and Culture Lince-0 Università di Padova. Her most recent books include Clara Janés. La poética cuántica o la física de la poesía; Ecopoéticas. Voces de la Tierra en ocho poetas de la España actual; Creative Cognition and the Cultural Panorama of Twentieth-Century Spain or Sinergias. Poesía, fisica y pintura en la España del siglo XX.